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Our goal is to catalyze the shift of 100 Million Acres of US crop and rangeland into certified regenerative agriculture by the end of 2025.

Together, we can do this!

For the health of our planet, ourselves, our children, and the future, we have to take action today. The 100 Million Acres Initiative is a Common Ground project, with the goal of catalyzing the shift of 100 million acres of US crop and rangeland into certified regenerative agriculture by the end of 2025.

Why 100 million acres? The US has approximately 900 million acres of farm and rangeland – 100 million acres represents just over 10% of that, and 10% is the necessary tipping point we must reach in order to make regenerative agriculture the new normal.

To meet this audacious goal, we have identified the leading certifiers across the country covering regenerative foods and fibers, and are collating the total certified acreage under regeneration to showcase how on real acres, by the hands of the women and men who work as farmers and ranchers, a regenerative movement is happening.

Why certified regenerative agriculture? Certified regenerative agriculture guarantees more acres in regeneration – it’s as simple as that. While some farms may be further along in their regenerative journey than others, we uplift all farmers and ranchers, companies and brands that make the commitment to move along the pathway of regeneration and towards becoming certified. 

So just think of 100 Million Acres as a club of forward-thinking individuals, farmers and ranchers, NGO’s, and companies who are committed to moving production agriculture in the United States to a soil-health-based system. That’s why we put a fun “100 Million Acres Club” logo on stickers, shirts, and hats – to celebrate the members of this movement who are making it their mission to convert the food system of our country to one that provides healthy foods, resilient lands, thriving ecosystems, and a promising and profitable future for rural communities. 

The “tipping point” is our goal, but it’s just the beginning. Take the pledge, join the club, take action today – for the climate, for our soils, for our farmers and for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Let’s regenerate!